August 14, 2023

7 Signs That Indicate You’re A TOTAL Sapiosexual

As an introverted female sapiosexual, I wholeheartedly admit that i am a sucker for intelligent males.

Nothing could possibly get my instant attention and entice me with a minimum effort like cleverness can.

Basically’m incapable of have deep discussions with a potential partner (and in case they are struggling to make me personally laugh), I lose interest instantly.

Seriously, they are often the greatest guy on the planet and I nevertheless wouldn’t want to consider all of them unless they usually have that secret ingredient: cleverness.

If you think in the same way or you’re matchmaking a person who might be a


, below you’ll find all you need to understand

sapiosexual men and women


Very first, we are going to answer fully the question:

Something a



Then, we’re going to go through the signs and symptoms of sapiosexuality, turn-ons for sapiosexuals, and rates that perfectly explain this intimate positioning.

This is a fun journey!

What’s The Meaning Of Sapiosexual?

From pansexual to sapiosexual,


+ umbrella discusses an entire spectral range of various identities relating to gender and sexuality. Very, so what does sapiosexual indicate?



is an individual who experiences psychological and

sexual appeal

toward smart a.k.a.

smart folks


When someone asks us to define sapiosexual in my own terms, I always inform them to visualize an introvert whom can not be satisfied by small-talk or trivial people.

The same thing goes for this intimate positioning. Sapiosexuals crave the same
situations introverts crave in romantic relationships
. Deep and inspiring talks are the key of sapiosexual meaning.

Whenever Ended Up Being Sapiosexual Added To The Dictionary?

The phrase sapiosexual comes from the Latin underlying term ‘sapien’, meaning smart and ‘sexualis’ definition sexual. Basically, it is still a fresh word, and Merriam-Webster dictionary initial utilized the term in 2004.

Honestly, we no further inhabit the field of dictionaries, but online dating apps. Really, internet dating programs like Sapio and OkCupid enable consumers to spot as sapiosexuals.

That said, discover an appealing concept of sapiosexual by metropolitan Dictionary:

Anything you put onto your own

internet dating profile

if you would like end up being



Definitely meals for thought. ?

Will You Be A Sapiosexual?

You realize you’re a legit sapiosexual if some or all above things resonate along with you:

Strong discussions motivate you and change you on

You reside for thought-provoking questions and all types of brain teasers. If you can’t establish a-deep, important discussion with a prospective partner, you simply won’t think about following all of them.

To you personally, strong talks are superb foreplay. From wellness to conspiracy concepts, these conversations could be about any such thing.

You may be drawn to
issues that tend to be popular with a sapiophile
such as eye-opening talks, debating, and similar.

When shopping for possible lovers, intelligence is actually a priority characteristic

Whilst might notice (study with an amount of sarcasm), this intimate identity centers around intelligence.

Therefore, when you are thinking about

possible lovers

, that you don’t picture a hot man or a hot woman, nevertheless’re generally focused on their own personality and, allow me to use the word once again, cleverness.

If you are examining your potential mate’s social media profile, you do not actually pay much attention to their appearance. You are mostly preoccupied with those things that accentuate their particular personality and resemble cleverness.

Additionally, you firmly believe that geeky dudes and
geeky ladies make greatest partners.

The very first time you will find somebody, you never also look closely at their appearance, but you can’t hold off to listen their unique tale, think their particular ambiance, and adore their particular intelligence and distinctive way of thinking.

A similar thing applies to a demisexual (sexually interested in somebody predicated on a strong emotional connection).

For sapiosexuals and demisexuals,
a connection with an introvert
is the best and often the only real style of sustainable commitment.

More you reach understand them, the greater number of drawn you may be for them

You may have an entire various understanding of attractive qualities regarding internet dating and relationships. You do not be seduced by their particular perfect figures, you fall for their knowledge, love of life, witty comebacks, and sarcastic responses.

For you, it’s about intellectual

being compatible


The greater number of you are able to understand their particular character, more you’re keen on them.

This cannot be stated for your reverse of sapiosexual, which will be intellectophobe or anti-intellectualist.

You can’t remain small-talk

As a sapiosexual, we continue doing this frequently: “If there’s something I detest within this life, it is small talk.” I can’t remain it.

The existence of small talk helps make myself want to become asexual (a person who does not enjoy intimate appeal).

If you believe in the same way, then you certainly learn you participate in this staff. Besides small-talk, In addition can’t stand gossiping and other issues that are part of the list of
poisonous individuality types

You do not head to taverns meet up with people

The thought of attending pubs to meet prospective lovers does not interest you. You might somewhat meet somebody in a comfortable bookstore in order to consider their cleverness immediately (and also in your natural habitat).


basic times

, you want an inferior personal environment where you can have endless,

strong talks

till your cardiovascular system’s material.

I happened to be trying to clarify this to my friend who’s
, but she doesn’t understand me personally. We told her that
hopeless romantics
and individuals just like me you shouldn’t choose pubs to generally meet individuals because taverns are overrated (eventually, she’ll understand.)

You like anything that grows your mind

Intellectual conversations, crosswords, watching documentaries, reading, meditating, mastering a brand new language, and similar are among the things you enjoy performing.

You spend time with inspiring individuals, and you’re continuously on the lookout for brand-new approaches to expand your thoughts.

You are in addition fascinated by exactly how

intelligent folks

‘s brains function (especially of those you like).

You do not have issues
adoring an overthinker
since you know overthinking is actually an indication of cleverness.

In all honesty, you should be intelligent sufficient to manage to imagine and reconsider unless you have overthought.

How Do You Switch On A Sapiosexual?

If you’d like to learn to wow someone that is assigned to this intimate direction, what is very important you need to pay attention to is conversation. Never focus on small talk since if you will do, the overall game is finished.

If you’d like to




, here’s what you ought to do:

  • Miss the small-talk
  • Take Part In intellectual pursuits (look over books, view movies…)
  • Keep the talk flowing
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Discuss your own passion
  • Chat nerdy
  • Browse in their eyes
  • Discover a brand new expertise collectively
  • Explore taboo topics with each other
  • Watch a documentary together
  • Have a casino game night

When considering bringing in
and sapiosexuals, it is important to consider is being innovative during discussion, and whenever feasible.

Demonstrate to them which you have a distinctive means of showing your self and seeing things around you and you will win their own minds.

Sapiosexuals never be seduced by universal or traditional individuals. Aggressive, dishonest, and humdrum are among the
personality attributes which are comprehensive turn-offs each woman
and man who belongs to this sexual orientation.

15 Sapiosexual Quotes That Perfectly Define Sapiosexuality

If you’re however uncertain whether you are part of the crew of sapiosexuals, below are a few rates which will without doubt let you figure it:

1. “your brain really does factors to my body your arms never could.” – Unknown

2. “Chat nerdy to me.” – Unknown

3. “I have on top of intelligent talks.” – Unknown

4. “Philosophical conversation is actually my foreplay.” – Unknown

5. “when you’re sapiosexual, you stalk profiles on LinkedIn and not on Tinder.” – Unknown

6. “I Enjoy big minds and I also cannot rest.” – Unknown

7. “Let’s have mental intercourse.” – Unknown

8. “Never undervalue the sexy power of a decent language.” – Unknown

9. “You will find a weakness for smart brains.” – Unknown

10. “Give myself words that produce my personal head curl before my personal toes.” – Unknown

11. “Witty banter is the best foreplay.” – Unknown

12. “You will find a thing for intellectuals. I enjoy a good mind meet local women to fuck sometimes.” – Unknown

13. “I am a sapiosexual. I admit being keen on a lovely face, an attractive human body, or a fantastic smile. But, those things just get my personal vision. For anyone keeping my attention necessitates the capability to support their unique area of a conversation.” – Unknown

14. “I like guys with enormous, pulsating vocabularies.” – Unknown

15. “Intelligence will be the ultimate aphrodisiac.” – Unknown


Sapiosexuals don’t discover attraction exactly the same way as average human beings do because for them, intelligence is a deal-maker.

Deep conversations

tend to be their own aphrodisiac; philosophical discussions are their particular


. Your interior is much more essential than their unique outside, and small-talk is purely prohibited.

If you’re one of those, then you have undoubtedly liked reading my post (and my personal self-bragging sense of humor). ?

Do not get however. To assist you find the sapiosexual soulmate, here is something might slim your pursuit:
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(i really hope that the had been a deserving compensation for the preceding self-bragging sense of humor).